Youth & Young Adults

The youth of this rural area face many challenges and need support to face their difficulties. Many have to drop out of school because of a lack of school fees and there is very little to occupy or challenge them. AVS is working with youth groups. We have increasingly been helping the unemployed youth to find a purpose and enhance their skills and experience. This includes supporting them in small income generating projects such as maize grinding machines, piggery projects, not forgetting Home of Talent our music and dancing groups which travels widely entertaining at wedding and graduation parties as well as making CDs.

Simply providing funds for youth projects rarely works effectively because many young people need help in understanding how to participate. They need information alongside practical support delivered, for instance, through a literacy development programme which can empower them, giving them confidence in their abilities for the first time. Our library and internet café facilities have provided the environment to be able to work and access the wider world. 

Music and Dance 
For over six years we have supported a local music, dance and drama group. This group, Home of Talent, are now nationally known, have produced videos and DVD's and have performed at many prestigious occasions. The benefits of being offered music as part of the daytime curriculum is being more and more squeezed in Uganda schools. The Home of Talent group meet at our Community Centre led by two local primary school teachers who are skilled musicians committed to developing a rich musical experience for a wide range of participants. The group learn the skills which can be acquired through a musical education and experience the joys of performance. 

Throughout the year we run sports programmes. They include soccer tournaments attended by up to 700 youths under the age of 16. Part of the sports programme is for the coach to provide education on topics like health, sanitation, conflict resolution and anger management. 

Vocational Skills Project
There are high rates of unemployment within Bulambuli among people aged 24-35 and on average Learning Achievement of the students is not satisfied with a rampant school dropout among school going children and many students fail to obtain the necessary results to continue with further study – therefore these students should not be left to ‘fail’. AVS is aware that there are several formally accredited Vocational Training Institutions however those who AVS support may be unable to attend due to financial constraints, lacking papers and issues of transportation and accommodation. Careers support and advice is severely lacking in schools, students are often not aware of vocational learning opportunities and believe that if they have failed to succeed in the education system they have fewer options for employment. School drop-outs and youths lose hope and end up loitering, becoming irresponsible in the community and often find themselves engaging themselves in misconduct of all kinds like alcohol & drug addictions, gambling, prostitution, robbery among others – therefore enabling them to acquire a skill to support themselves we hope will prevent this. For more information click here.

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