The issue of education soon became obvious to us when our work started back in 2002. Sometimes the provision of school fees is simply not enough to enable a young person to get their parent’s permission to continue with her education, this is particular importance when it comes to girls; Issues such as distance, safety and the removal of a hard working pair of hands from the home will also influence the decision.  As a response to two of the inhibiting factors (distance and safety) we built a girls’ school hostel, which accommodates up to 65 girl students at any one time.  This enables the girls to have a secondary education, which would otherwise be impossible. Even after seven years of operation we can demonstrate the impact that the residential accommodation has had on some of our girl students. We have sponsored more than 50 students through secondary and tertiary education. Of those who have presently completed their courses we have students who have graduated from university with a degrees in Business Management, Medical Officer and Administration. More recently we have had three girls complete their courses, one with a degree in Social Sciences, another with an Economics degree and another with a degree in Hotel Management and Tourism. Additionally we have two who have nursing qualifications and another has a teaching diploma. Others have achieved qualifications in tailoring, catering and secretarial skills. Not one of these students would have been able to have achieved any of this without our financial support.

Student sponsorship contribution can be as little as £10 a month, which enables us to send these young people to school. You can also sponsor individuals through their education and help them go on to higher education as well as contributing to our overall education budget.

Some of our talented students have gone on to University or College becoming qualified nurses, teachers, accountants, programmers, graphic designers etc. Going in to higher education is expensive and we try our best to find sponsors for these students. Sponsorship for a year can be between £750 to £1500 a year, which doesn't compare with the UK however the impact is enormous and many do go on to give back to their community. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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African Village Support is registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with registration number 1164318.


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